Lacquered fronts

An investment project enabling the manufacture of high gloss furniture fronts was implemented with the aid of the EU subsidies in years 2005-2006, in the scope of Sector Operating Programme - Increase in competitiveness of companies. Owing to the use of modern and innovative technology, the factory possesses considerable production potential for manufacturing furniture fronts at a high quality level., Having the potential to produce short series in diverse colours is also important for the processes we carry out. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Beech elements

The assortment is produced in Plant no. 2 in Dukla. This plant possesses an infrastructure, and technological and machinery base which enables it to carry out complex production process while the high quality requirements are still met. The production process carried out at the plant start from raw material drying in modern drying houses, followed by mechanical processing, and finally coating with ecological water lacquers. The plant has considerable experience as regards B 2 B production, and guarantees prompt deliveries and the high quality of products. Owing to the knowledge, which has been acquired and experience in the production of children's furniture and solid wood elements, buyers of our products are among the leaders in their segment. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Bathroom furniture

We are interested in establishing cooperation with bathroom furniture manufacturers looking for a trusted partner, who would complete a production programme promptly and ensure the expected quality. We possess long-standing experience in the production of bathroom furniture satisfying the needs of our demanding partners from Germany, Holland and England. We guarantee professional service and discretion.

Kitchen furniture

Krosno Furniture Factory was already engaged in kitchen furniture production as early as in the 1970s. The products offered then were sets called Krosno, found in many homes in Poland. Currently, we also manufacture kitchen furniture whose design, ergonomics and furnishings reflectthe newest trends observed in the market. We are open to cooperation with studios, developers, and kitchen manufacturers looking for a reliable partner, who would complete entrusted production.

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