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Arbor SELF
SELF is an exceptionally original line. Unique elements designed especially for this specific series are to be found here, including a mineral marble washbasin or a wide rail for a washbasin cabinet.

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Furniture MOBIL organises bathroom space in a very ingenious way. The series consists of many diverse pieces of furniture. As a result of this, bathroom furnishing may be compared to completing a simple puzzle - it is easy to find elements and colours matching each other, and to combine them into an intriguing whole.

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Arbor MONO
MONO is a bathroom furniture line, which perfectly combines a well-thought-out design, a reasonable price and the quality of used materials. The series has universal character - it has been designed to match many attractive and affordable washbasins. At the same time, owing to its compact size it easily fits in any bathroom.

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Arbor EDO
Bathroom furniture series EDO catches the eye with reserved elegance and harmonious proportions. The strong, geometrical form is balanced with subtle detail. The sense of lightness and freshness is created by a delicate plant ornament, which decorates white, high-gloss lacquered cabinet fronts. In combination with the interesting minimum sized handles which are used, the whole exudes calm.

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